LAND COMMISSIONS (On-Site Plein Air custom painting of YOUR view)

“Gloria de la Manaña ”Private Commission, 6'x3', Blanco, New Mexico

In each of us lies the importance of a particular place that has shaped us.


A memory of childhood, the current view out of a kitchen window or an acreage that ancestors have tilled, those places hold a personal and special meaning.


I want to hear the story of your place of importance and capture that story in a custom oil painting done in-studio or on-site.


For more information about a custom on-site piece or other commissions please contact Brianne at 505.469.4252. 


"We readily appreciated Brianne’s ability to create exceptional, picturesque designs on canvas after viewing some of her work. Before long we were discussing our desire to have her memorialize one of our favorite landscapes. We commissioned Brianne to capture the vista from the porch of our river cabin in northwestern New Mexico. The view of the San Juan River, with the backdrop of the sandstone cliffs and mature cottonwoods, we feel is breathtaking. In preparation, Brianne was able to spend time at our cabin, taking in the scenery and quality of light at various times of the day. Her personal reflection and study of various photos of the location allowed for the completion of our “Gloria de la Manaña ”. The piece is absolutely perfect and hangs beautifully in our Corrales home. It is a lovely reminder of our unique and special place. "


Santana & Matthew Fontana

Corrales, New Mexico

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