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"There is an excitement that rushes through me when painting plein air, feverishly painting to capture what is in front of me before the clouds, weather, light changes. "

ON LANDSCAPES “I lean towards more of a mood than a particular place
over composition. 
I am drawn mostly to dramatic skies and the incredible

New Mexico palette.”

Plein Air painting was introduced to her by well-known New York artist, Harry Orlyk, who has been documenting American farmland for over thirty years. After that  introduction, it became clear what direction to take the art.  “To document, capture and preserve our landscapes and history before they disappear or change. Over the years I have been hired by people and land owners to come on-site and paint a special view or a place that holds meaning.  Whether it is the old view out a kitchen window to take to a new home or land that has seen  generations...this is where I find the most painting the stories.”

After meeting Harry, she was invited to paint along side many other modern-day landscape masters in a workshop in Bozeman, Montana. Among those painters was Louisa McElwain. The years following that workshop, Brianne moved to the beautiful landscape of New Mexico where she was able to be mentored by the late Luisa. "Watching Louisa paint was watching fearless magic. She taught me what it was like to really just go for it, not to think too hard and let myself become a vessel that the expression is simply moving through. I have never painted since without thinking of her, her smile and her passion."

ON TRUCKS:  “I love the mystery. The untold stories that sit behind the wheel - my mind goes wild wondering where that truck has been, what it has seen. There is also  a man versus nature attraction too.  The colors in the rust that I saw that day will all change with the next rain.  Forever changing and slowly decaying.”

Brianne currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she paints full time.  Brianne was published by Western Art and Architecture magazine, highlighting her unique style and technique. Since, her works have recently caught the attention of private collectors and commissioners nation-wide. 




For more information about a custom on-site piece or other commissions please contact Brianne at 505.469.4252. 


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